We believe in the power of nature

Wood Chips Expert

Our mission

We believe in the power of nature. We believe the way your food is processed makes difference in the quality of your life. We wan to inspire our customers to natural, healthy and responible food processing. As an industry leader our mission is setteng quality standards trends in production of eco-friendly wood chips.

Our target is to supply retail stores around world with our eco-friendly woodchips. Our goal? Satisfied customers in the long term. Our woodchips are perfect ecological source of sustainable products. Natural & sustainable. We plant 2% more trees than we harvest creating a greener planet Earth we love and take care of. Woodchips.expert products are based on organic wood 100% chemically free. It is suitable for many applications as a great source of natural fiber. Most common applications: BBQ smoking in a healthy way, mushroom substrate, animal beddings, great absorbent and natural peeling.

We offer private label brands and we are happy to hear of your needs.

Mushroom mycelium

BBQ / grill



Animal bedding


Our company provides transportation in bulk quantities by trucks and by sea using shipping containers.
the best quality eco-friendly wood chips


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Our company has over 50 years of experience in the global market. We specialized in bulk sales on a large scale.

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